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Getting business grants for industry

Welcome to the Eurogrant Website

We found EuroGrant to be extremely knowledgeable about the grant system, highly efficient in putting our case together and diligent in dealing with the DTI. We successfully secured a grant in excess of £1 million pounds towards our project in Leigh, Lancashire. We would have no hesitation in recommending EuroGrant to other companies who wish to apply for a grant.”
David Kerr, Joint Managing Director, Barlo Radiators, Leigh, Lancashire

How can we help your company?
If you are planning to expand and develop your business over the next few years there may be funds available to assist your project. Visit our Eurogrant Services page.

This could be to:
• acquire new premises or machinery, and create or safeguard jobs.
• implement new technology.
• carry out research and development.

The amount of Grant assistance towards your project can be substantial but this is dependent upon a well documented and presented case.

Am I in a grant assisted area?
Fill in our enquiry for a FREE search.

What Happens Next?
After an initial free discussion to assess the Grant potential we will arrange a meeting to discuss the most appropriate Grant scheme to suit your project.

Only when a sound basis for a Grant has been established do we enter into an agreement that reflects the time involved and the success level achievable.
Visit our Testimonials page.

Want to know
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Key Objectives
• To
maximize the amount of Grant award for YOUR project.
• To handle the tedious paperwork to allow YOU time to run YOUR business.
• To liaise and negotiate with the awarding body on YOUR behalf.

If you have a project in mind, the sooner you involve us the better so that we can work with you in partnership to obtain the highest form of Grant towards your business development. No commitment should be made before receiving a written offer of assistance.

What Grants are Available?
There are literally dozens of Grants available for Capital Investment and Research and Development.

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